Wyoming council sets 2014 proposed levy

Alice Pickering
Wyoming Reporter

At a short meeting on Sept. 10, the Wyoming City Council approved a proposed maximum 2014 levy in the amount of $4,154,106. This is the highest amount allowed for 2014.

Within this figure are fixed items of bond indebtedness in the amount of $249,911 and the Economic Development Authority levy of $42,000. The general operating fund was set at $3,862,195.

A second option was prepared with the general operating fund set at $3,612,284. Councilwoman Linda Yeager favored the second option because the city will be receiving about $170,000 of local government aid.

“Just because we can (tax), does not mean we should,” she said.

On the other hand, Mayor Eric Peterson does not want to count on the LGA to come in. He also does not want to cut the margin too close in the preliminary amount, since the final levy will not be certified with Chisago County until December. The city could be up against a wall if the maximum levy is small to begin with, he said. Future levy limits could restrict potentially needed increases.

The 2014 levy limit cannot be less than either the 2012 or 2013 certified levies. Debt levies are allowed to remain in the total levy for the levy limit calculation. The 2014 levy is limited to a 3 percent increase over 2013. The initial levy limit base of $3,862,195 is what was approved by the council last Tuesday.

The proposed maximum 2014 levy was approved by a vote of 2-1. Peterson and Councilman Roger Elmore voted in favor of it. Yeager voted against it. Council Members Joe Zerwas and Steve Zerwas did not attend the meeting.

  • The mantra of Councilwoman Linda Yeager “Just because we can (tax), does not mean we should”. Meanwhile four miles away Forest Lake in debating the depreciable life of the city’s water and sewer mains and raising utility rates. They’ve already raised taxes in preparation of their new street work plan.

    Why is Forest Lake acting as if the sky is falling, the Ant as opposed to the Grasshopper while in Wyoming, Councilwoman Yeager seems to be asleep as if Rip Van Winkle? Sleep for twenty years and then worry about it then.

    Seriously, where is the middle ground between these two communities