Open Forum for week of Sept. 26

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Power to the People

Mayor Johnson, where is my vote? It has been taken away from me and all the citizens in Forest Lake. Do you trust the citizens or just yourself?

I would like to vote on the $22 million government center and also Jeff Klein’s vacated seat.

Trust and power to the people. Let it be the will of the people.

Eugene Hansen
Forest Lake


Spooked by Election

Mr. Mayor, with Halloween approaching, what scares you more: ghosts and goblins, or having an election to fill the vacant council seat?

Wyoming just had a special election which did not cost that much.  I think we can afford to spend a little money to hear the will of the people of Forest Lake.

Jim Moyle
Forest Lake


Put it to the Voters

After reading the Sept. 11 issue of the Times, I have one thing to say: Thank you, Councilmember Mike Freer, for your statement, “The people deserve the right to make the choice,” made in reference to the filling of Jeff Klein’s vacancy.

Don’t speak too loudly, as those who served our country would turn over in their graves for the loss of our voting privilege.

Let’s all demand the right to be heard. A special election now is the answer. Let the people be heard.

Marie Corwin
Forest Lake


Red Alert

Attention, Forest Lake citizens: Our illustrious mayor is at it again. He wants to take away our right and not let the people vote now on the council vacancy.

First it was the new “Taj Mahal” (government center) and now it’s an appointment to the City Council. We have to stop this madness and demand the right to have a vote.

Why is the mayor taking applications for the vacated seat and yet has already stated he intends to appoint Jim Dufour? To me, this is deceitful. Let’s have some integrity, Mr. Johnson, and let the people vote now.

Arlen Noreen
Forest Lake

One More Year

Our mayor and his cronies spend money like a drunken sailor. With the appointment of Jim Dufour we can soon expect another supporter of local government out of control.

He will create more drama for the council because he can’t seem to control his temper.

Note the cartoon in the Times on Sept. 19. One-hundred years ago they would have been tarred and feathered and run out of town. Today, however, we are more civilized and just have to wait one year to vote them out of office.

They should be thinking about their legacy and how history will judge them.

Tom Lynch
Forest Lake


Too Little, Too Late

I’m writing today because Rep. Bob Barrett has been in the media lately with his Vikings stadium proposal.

Isn’t that kind of like closing the gate after the cows are out? He’s been in the Legislature three years and still doesn’t understand the process.

He complained about the deal before, yet when they were in session couldn’t he articulate his points well enough to get any support? Clearly, 201 legislators and the governor knew the e-gambling wasn’t going to raise anywhere near the revenue needed to fund the state’s portion of the stadium, and changes were made to meet the state’s portion.

The question is why couldn’t Rep. Barrett convince other legislators to adopt his plan, if it was so good?

It’s much like how he voted yes to the education bill and puts out a column on how supportive he is of our schools, when he voted no on the tax bill which funds the schools.

It looks like he will say or do anything to get in the media spotlight. We need a representative who will really work to improve our schools and not play politics with them.

Rick Wells


Lasting Legacy?

I guess it’s really true: Michele Bachmann is not going to run for re-election in the Sixth District. But this decision raises an important question: What defines her Congressional record?

Has she been a single-issue politician? No, as she demonstrated with her focus on Obamacare death panels, President Obama’s birth certificate, the infiltration of the government by the Muslim Brotherhood, attributing the swine flu outbreak in 2009 to Democrats, the evils of the gay agenda and killer vaccines to name only a few.

Has her fierce public opposition to government spending served as a model for other members of Congress? No, Rep. Bachmann has worked quietly to bring federal dollars to the Sixth District including stimulus dollars. Bachmann has requested federal funding for projects in her district on at least 16 occasions, which wouldn’t be out of the ordinary given the tax dollars Sixth District voters send to Washington, except for her virulent public opposition to such funding (recall Bachmann’s “orgy of spending” comment in 2009).

Have her political campaigns exemplified the best qualities of public service in Minnesota?  No, and the mushroom cloud of scandals surrounding her Chaplinesque presidential campaign suggest that her Ides of March moment is coming.

At the end of the day, I think Rep. Bachmann’s service will be defined by her well-chronicled mis-statements, distortions, boundless hypocrisy and slapstick politics.

She is a political “Candle in The Wind” whose footprint in Minnesota and the country is already invisible.

Michael Harwell
Forest Lake


A Rudderless Vessel

The Republican/Tea Party ship has become a rudderless vessel. It is filled with those that would bring down our government and destroy our economy to satisfy the hate-filled extremists that have taken control of their party.

What were once proud Republican-elected members of Congress that have in the past worked in a bipartisan fashion and compromise for the good of America have been turned into anarchists and al-Qaida-like zealots that would do our nation harm to protect themselves politically.

What were once leaders have turned into frightened, insecure traitors that are afraid of being run against in a primary and will do anything to preserve themselves, including shutting down the government, threatening to not pay our bills as a nation and run the risk of doing great financial harm to the middle class.

There can be no greater shame than being a traitor to your country and citizens. That is the only thing these elected Republican/Tea Party members are successful at. Shame on them and their lack of courage to be real leaders.

Max Anderson

  • Many more great letters … all in support of having an election by the people rather than a selection by the mayor for the vacated council seat. The only choice in our local government the people seem to get a vote on and this appears to be taken away from us too.

  • Phil Fishman


    Another great letter. Only you could actually claim Republicans are “hate filled extremists” and then compare them to “Al-Qaida-like zealots and anarchists”. Do you own a mirror? You apparently are in a position to shame everyone else. Shame on you for being so hypocritical and mindless. At least your mindless rants provide good humor. Why or how you even get published for comparing people who don’t agree with you as Al-Qaida like zealots and anarchists is beyond me.

  • max anderson

    Actually Phil many Republicans and most moderates I have talked with feel much the same about the extremists in the republican/tea party behaving like spoiled children and anarchists and are going down a dangerous road that will harm the country.

    Face the facts, the majority of elected house republicans are not happy to be put in this position and are conforming out of fear of getting primary opposition, they are not going along out of belief or principal just fear.

    As for your question why the paper prints letters like mine, I believe they publish letters in this column because it is called the opinion column and they print various opinions on a variety of subjects, including many they don’t agree with, that is to their credit.
    If you don’t agree with a free and open press and freedom of speech I guess that is up to you, have a nice day and I am pleased I have put a smile on your face.