Bonnett appointed to FL council vacancy

Mayor Chris Johnson on Tuesday appointed Molly Bonnett to the vacant seat on the Forest Lake City Council. She fills the seat vacated by Jeff Klein, who resigned in August.

Earlier in the special meeting, council members Mike Freer and Ben Winnick voted to appoint former mayor Stev Stegner, but Johnson and Councilwoman Susan Young opposed the motion.

Freer and Winnick opposed the motion to appoint Bonnett, but Johnson used his mayoral power to appoint in the case of a split vote.

Look for more coverage in next week’s Forest Lake Times.

  • Mike Freer and Ben Winnick voted to support the most experienced applicant, former 2 term mayor Stev Stegner who never lost an election. Instead out mayor said no and selected his inexperienced choice himself and didn’t give any basis or reason to not support the most experienced. Further, he believes his selection is more important than an election and won’t allow that to occur until state statute forces him to over a year away. We need him to be replaced!!!

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