Open Forum for the week of Oct. 3

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Enough Already

Wow, I can’t take it anymore – another letter from Max Anderson vomiting bile-filled hate and anger. Is this an adult or a teenage brat talking?

This writer can only call people names instead of rationally discussing issues. Mr. Anderson, there are Republicans and Democrats, they don’t mix well, and thanks heavens for that. I am happy there are divergent ideas on how this country should work.

I am a Republican and hate what the Democrats have done, but I am not going to spew out the terrible things that you call us. I certainly could, though.

Pro-life people cannot understand how pro-abortion people live with their beliefs, but I will not call them vile and disgusting names in letters to the editor.

The government is elected. The right wing of the Republican Party was voted in. They are not, as you called them, “hate-filled extremists,” nor are they “anarchists” and “al-Qaida-like zealots” that would do the nation harm. They are not “insecure traitors.” They are people, just like Democrats, who see the world in a different light than you do. Their vision and policies are just as valid as yours or any other Democrat. They are doing just what the Democrats are doing: respecting what their constituents want.

I believe the Democrats in office are destroying our country. You believe that the Republicans are. Two different visions of America.

I think most of us in Forest Lake are very tired of your ranting and raving. Why don’t you give it a rest?

LaVonne Grant
Forest Lake


Question for Max

Max Anderson opined last week on the “rudderless” Republican/Tea Party. This from a progressive who I imagine feels the current administration has not “fundamentally transformed America” enough.

I am not a Republican. I do agree with the Tea Party: I believe that government at all levels has become too intrusive if not outright tyrannical. Americans like me are called teabaggers, a disgusting slur, because I believe in adherence to the Constitution.

I guess I am a “hate-filled extremist” because I just want to be left alone. I liked my health care. I like my guns. I believe in the unalienable rights bestowed to me by God. I don’t want the America my grandfathers fought to defend “fundamentally transformed.”

When did the political landscape change that, because I want the size of government reduced, I became an “al-Qaida-like zealot?”

While we are on that point, Max mentioned “traitor” twice in his most recent letter. A traitor aids and abets the enemies of America. Tea Partiers are not lobbying to aid al-Qaida in Syria. Max Anderson’s president addressed the nation, on the eve of 9/11, to ask you to support him to aid and abet the same al-Qaida that killed nearly 3,000 of our fellow Americans just 12 years ago.

Max said “There is no greater shame than being a traitor to your country and citizens.” I ask you, Max: Who is the real traitor?

Brad Ziernicki


Good Votes

The writer’s criticisms last week of Rep. Bob Barrett’s continuing opposition to the stadium and Mr. Barrett’s no votes on both the stadium bill and the tax bill was nothing more than the same old, tired, familiar DFL party line.

Forty of 60 DFLers voted to make the New Jersey billionaire much richer – now that is true DFL redistribution.  True, 33 GOPers voted yes (shame on them) but it took the DFL majority to make it happen.  The DFL is now without question the clear leader when it comes to crony capitalism. Will the billionaire be contributing to the DFL coffers in the coming years? Fun to watch.

Billions in new taxes spread across the entire state to fund billions in new spending is a bad tax bill; a good tax bill would have been billions in reductions spread across the entire state to reflect billions in reduced spending.  Unfortunately for us the billions in new spending was apparently deemed necessary to further enable the DFL’s ongoing voter enhancement program.

Representative Barrett is to be commended for voting no on both.

David Hardin
Lent Township


Worth Fighting

It’s obvious last week’s letter, “Too Little, Too Late,” was taken from the pages of the St. Paul liberal political playbook.

Over the last year, one-party control of government has resulted in tax increases on all Minnesotans. Remember when these same politicians screamed that the rich aren’t paying their fair share?

New cigarette taxes hit the poor and our border businesses hard. The wheelage tax hits everyone. New taxes on DirecTV and Internet purchases mean money taken from families. Farmers have new taxes, too. New warehouse taxes will hurt jobs. The new “gift tax” was a gift only to state government.

Taxes were increased $345 million just to pay for a stadium so Zygi Wilf can make money on stadium construction. What an insult. I’ll fight it until the cows come home.

With an expanding economy providing billions more in state tax revenues, tax and fee increases approaching $3 billion irresponsibly hurts families.

The letter-writer believes 201 legislators knew e-pull tabs wouldn’t work. Sixty-seven percent of Democrats voted for the flawed plan anyway because Governor Dayton wanted it desperately. The writer answered his own question about why common sense couldn’t convince a majority of them to vote no when a majority of Republicans voted no with the same information.

This past week gave us a glimmer of hope, however. Dayton encouraged the stadium authority to negotiate a final agreement requiring a significant contribution from team ownership.

The agreement has not yet been signed. Now that I’ve rounded up those cows, it’s time for Dayton to steer them home.

Rep. Bob Barrett

  • Food on a Stick

    Mr Anderson must be loving it

  • max anderson

    LaVonne Grant, you sound a bit angry to me, perhaps you could have addressed the issues at hand instead of acting out in such an aggressive manner personally. As a business owner, veteran, citizen and taxpayer I will continue to speak out in matters that concern me as that is my right. I suggest you stock up on Mylanta for that upset stomach as those such as you will not infringe my freedom of speech.

    Brad Ziernicki I am so sad you feel the victim, what can one say about a person that is so ill informed?
    The term tea bagger was not coined by a liberal or a progressive, it was coined in 2009 by the Tea Party it’s own self during it’s initial mailing of tea bags to the white house and was used on many conservative websites to describe this effort funded by the Billionaire Koch Brothers

    Threatening the full faith and credit of the country is in my mind a terrorist tactic, If it was a foreign government doing this we would attack them hard and immediately.
    There has been a budget for six months introduced by the senate and the house refuses to take it up in session, the republican senators have refuseed to even to allow the senate to negotiate with the house and have blocked it from doing so even if the house would do it’s job. Instead the house has voted 42 times to abolish the affordable Care Act. Now that is a sign of a brain disorder or incompetence.

    One has a right to disagree and have a right to fight for what they believe, one deso not have the right to threaten the nation and hold it hostage and destroy the economy for a tactic to get their own way.

    This Tea party constitutional rant is so much baloney, the tea party wants to uphold the parts of the constitution they agree with and abandon those parts it don’t like, the tea party folks are self serving and working in their own self interest and could care less about anyone else’s views or concerns or the health of the nation, my way or the highway should be their mantra.