Open Forum for week of Oct. 17

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Shadowed by Stars

The recent tragic events surrounding the death of one of Adrian Peterson’s sons highlights numerous societal problems of our American culture.

Lost in all the sadness is our pervasive indifference to having children out of wedlock. I doubt if anyone even knew that Peterson has children from different women. How can we say in the same breath that we’re sad that his son died, yet not feel sad that the boy was allowed to be raised by a single mom and violent boyfriend?

Also, Peterson’s decision to play right away is insensitive and selfish. “It helps me heal,” he said. What about the mother’s healing? She and the dead boy are thrown aside for the sake of others – including sports fans – whose importance seems greater.

America’s willingness to look other way when it comes to star athletes is hypocritically repugnant. For our sake, we care most that Peterson is able to play on Sunday.

But it makes sense: Peterson’s actions mirror our own. How often do we selfishly spend time doing our own thing rather than spending time with family?

The whole situation should be viewed with disgust. The more we care for fleeting moments of pleasure and sports than we do with family, the more dead children we will see, as well as perhaps the death of America’s soul.

Kelly Wing


Other Means

Last week’s letter-writer (“Mismatched Votes”) once again voiced strong support for huge tax increases. She falsely thinks that supporting schools can’t happen without $3 billion in tax/fee increases plus additional local tax increases instead of just using part of the extra money we already have.

Recently another $636 million was returned to schools as part of $2 billion the 2010 legislature borrowed from them. In total, $1.76 billion has been paid back.

Our state’s rainy day funds/budget reserves are now full ($1 billion) after these funds were also emptied in 2010.

Both of these one-time payments were paid for with surpluses from the two-year budget that ended June 30.

An expanding economy supported by a watchful Republican eye on the state budget allowed this to happen. Tax increases, beginning July 1, had nothing to do with it.

Because these one-time payments were “one-time,” this $2.76 billion can be used to support K-12 education going forward. Additionally, tax receipts from an expanding economy have increased by several billion. Why not use this money?

I couldn’t vote for a tax bill that sticks Minnesota families with $3 billion dollars in tax/fee increase when the state already has billions more.

The letter-writer loves giving your taxes to a billionaire who’s profiting from stadium construction but she doesn’t mention that Minnesota schools, despite an overflowing state checkbook, were told to raise local taxes without voter approval.  A tax bill putting a New Jersey billionaire ahead of Minnesota school kids is irresponsible.

Rep. Bob Barrett

  • max anderson

    Mr. Barrett, indeed we have seen an increase in tax collection revenue for the period in question and you get all the credit. That is because you and your republican/tea party comrades raised the state property tax on residences and business by about 20% and became the party of tax increases on working people , retires and small business.
    Your adding to the burden of recovering from the financial meltdown helped send many more families into deeper debt and small business having less to invest to grow jobs.
    Your elimination of the buy American law for state. county and city government killed in state manufacturing of safety apparel and hurt many business’s making things in America, your party was a big help in proving jobs for communist China, I am sure those in China appreciate you effort.
    Now that your party has brought the country to brink of financial disaster I am sure you are proud and supportive of Senator Cruz and his dysfunctional tea party members of congress that support the country becoming a deadbeat nation.

    • Phil Fishman

      Interesting response Max. Now it’s the Republicans raising taxes? Hmm… Seems that the Democrats control the Governorship, state House and Senate, both United States Senators from Minnesota are Democrats and we have a Democrat for a President. Does logic ever play a factor into your mindless rants? You have in the last few weeks labeled people anarchists, Al-Quaida like and Communist aiding dysfunctional comrades. Since you think you have all the answers, I suggest you run for office. Nah… more fun to sit back and call people who disagree with you deragtory names. Not that you had any credibility left, but you are starting to see the backlash from your free speech protected rants.

      • Food on a Stick

        You’re both right; tax increase were shifted around – one way or another we paid
        Mr.. Barrett has become a political spin expert

  • Wendy R

    Kelly Wing needs to get her story straight, and the FLT should probably stop publishing letters with inaccurate information. Pushing your morals on others is one thing, but being allowed public commentary with hearsay and inaccuracies is bad policy. I’m sure you had other letters to choose from. I’m totally disgusted.

    • What facts do you believe are inaccurate?

      Peterson learned of the existence of this child just 2 months ago and hadn’t yet visited him. He has ample fiscal abilities to fly the mother and child to him or visit them even briefly. He choose not to.

      Peterson, like many sports celebrities, has multiple children with various women. This is this fact as well.

      Peterson played football just days after the death of his son. This is fact as well.

      The child’s death was a tragedy. I believe this is fact but I suppose you could argue it is an opinion. Was this your point of inaccuracy because the rest of the letter seems factual to me with a few opinions laced in.