Wyoming council grants dirt excavation permit

Peterson Companies to enlarge pond over three years

Alice Pickering
Wyoming Reporter

At the Oct. 1 meeting, Wyoming City Council members granted an interim use permit allowing Peterson Companies to excavate black dirt from the Archie Ducharme property, 24011 Forest Blvd. N. The permit is good for three years.

The area of excavation is more than an acre and therefore requires an erosion control plan to be approved by the Comfort Lake Forest Lake Watershed District before any excavation takes place.

Zoning Administrator Fred Weck indicated that the application is a continuation of an interim use permit that expired in 2011.

Peterson Companies plans to expand a pond in the northeast corner of the Ducharme property. The 1.6-acre pond will be about 6 acres when completed. It will be a settlement area for water heading into Lake Comfort.

The applicant’s proposal details equipment, traffic control, access to Highway 61 and the storage site for the black dirt. All work will be done during the winter. The only soil exposed will be in the pond area. The truck route will be north on Highway 61, then east along CR-22.

The company anticipates removal of 1,500 to 3,000 cubic yards of material for each of three years, creating a pond that will support and promote wildlife. City Council members unanimously approved the permit request.