Work on adult entertainment ordinance ramps up

Linwood’s assessment ordinance also to be reviewed


Alice Pickering
Linwood Reporter

Learning of difficulties in regulating adult entertainment businesses in several neighboring cities, Linwood officials are planning to get an ordinance in place before there is a request to locate a similar business in the Linwood Township.

Ben Oleson, of Hometown Planning, attended the Linwood Town Board meeting Oct. 22. He has worked with Alexandria Township, in Todd County, and has helped draft several ordinances related to adult entertainment.

A draft ordinance is planned for review by the board in about a month. Chair Phil Osterhus indicated that the board wants to have an ordinance in place by the end of the year or the beginning of 2014. It is “harder to deal with (a business) after it has located than if an ordinance is in place,” he said.

Ordinance reviews

Attorney Bill Goodrich attended the meeting for Attorney Mike Haag to review some of the township’s ordinances.

Goodrich pointed to the township’s special assessment ordinance. He wants to verify if the township is allowed to be more restrictive that Minnesota laws with regard to the percentage of affected residents needed to petition for road improvements. This discussion was tabled until Goodrich or Haag can do more research on this ordinance.

Goodrich identified several areas in the fee ordinance that need correction.

Position posted

Supervisor Carol Searing presented the announcement requesting applications for Senior Coordinator. Plans are to place the ads in all local papers. The Senior Advisory Board will allow two weeks for interested people to submit applications. The deadline will be 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12.  Supervisors unanimously approved the job description and authorized placement of the ad.

Other business

Great River Energy will begin staking the route of a long-planned transmission line beginning this week. Tree-cutting along the route will begin the week of Nov. 1. Work in drier sections of the route will be completed first.

Supervisor Ed Kramer announced that the township’s variance ordinances need some minor tune-up. Haag will work with Kramer to fine-tune the language.

Supervisors learned that a late fee on payment for work completed in the Fire Hall was reversed.  The late fee had been assessed before the township actually received the bill.

In other business, the board:

– Authorized $200 to match the contributions of the Linwood Senior Golden Club and the Senior Advisory Board to help pay for treats for the township Halloween party.

– Authorized staff to explore direct deposit for township employees. Currently this is to be limited only to employees, not supervisors, firefighters or commission members.

– Learned that the paperwork related to correcting a burial error has been completed.

– Approved Linwood’s holiday schedule for 2014, encompassing 11.5 days.

  • What is the back story on this? Does some adult business want to move into town?