Open Forum for week of Nov. 7

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Grateful for Support

I would like to send my most sincere appreciation to everyone that was involved in the Sept. 15 benefit at Stella’s, whether it was on the bidding, donation, working it, or those that took it upon themselves to plan and execute the event.

You all did something big. Be proud. Your efforts have taken a huge burden off my shoulders so I may continue to fight.

I also need to thank everyone at Stella’s. You allowed my friends and family to invade your property, and you catered to them all while working for my benefit.  Thank you to the entire staff for donating your time and efforts, as well. I miss you guys. Max, thank you for your advice and leadership … ahn yung.

That day will stay with me forever. I am overwhelmed by the generosity. The entire experience has helped me be stronger in my trials, and as I continue with my treatment I will use your words and actions to keep me strong.  God bless all of us.

Joe Mertes
Forest Lake


Love It or Leave It

The father of Sen. Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, was in the news again. This time he was spouting off about the sending the president back to Kenya, how we must elect more conservatives to office, and that America is on the wrong track.

It is mind-boggling that this immigrant from Cuba, who in his own admission fought alongside Fidel Castro to help install him as its leader, is now advising us about how we should run our country. This advice is coming from a man that supported the Castro regime and its march to communist rule. In effect, Mr. Cruz already helped one country go communist; is he going for number two?

Of course his Canadian-born son, Tea Party leader Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas, has had plenty of time to almost drive our country into default with the Fidel Castro-style politics learned from his father.

The old saying, “America, love it or leave it,” I think is applicable in this case.

Max Anderson