FLHS speech and debate programs honored

The National Forensic League Speech and Debate Society has named Forest Lake High School’s speech and debate programs to the top 10 percent of all programs nationwide, earning the chapter membership in the League’s prestigious 100 Club.

Steve Massey, FLAHS principal, said he believes the programs more than deserve the honor.

“Our speech and debate programs draw a wide range of students and create opportunities for them to showcase their exceptional talents,” Massey said. “The skill and expertise of the coaching staff, coupled with hours and hours of hard work, is the reason these two programs are deservedly recognized for this distinguished award.”

The National Forensic League has a point system that allows students to earn points and degrees based on competitive and service-related activities. A degree is equal to a certain number of points, and there are several kinds of degrees, ranging from the Degree of Merit, worth 25 or more points, to the Degree of Premier Distinction, worth 1,500 or more points.

During the 2012-13 school year, FLHS chapter students achieved over 100 degrees collectively, ranking the chapter among the top 10 percent of schools nationwide.

“This milestone is remarkable because it demonstrates outstanding commitment to teach students essential life skills including communication, research, listening, writing and organization,” said J. Scott Wunn, executive director of the National Forensic League Speech and Debate Society.