Open Forum for week of Nov. 21

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Up to Standards?

A recent article published in the Star Tribune listed six traits the League of Cities thinks every successful mayor should possess.

Embrace humility: Our mayor is anything but humble when he states he wants to do things because he knows best what the people want.

Reject an attitude of entitlement: I was elected mayor so the people must want what I do, and I want to do things.

Willing to learn: Let’s not consider what the majority of the taxpayers want. Our mayor listens to the select few who represent their special interests.

Recognize the difference between being responsive and being responsible: Our mayor is responsive to the police and fire departments, the Park Board and the EDA. He seems to have ignored the wishes of the greater community by not allowing the public a referendum on one of the largest projects the city of Forest Lake must pay for.

Value partnership and teamwork: Our mayor seems to value the advice of the city administer more than others since the city’s reorganization plan was conceived without the input of those most affected.

Gather facts before making a decision: Our mayor seems to be very selective and manipulative of the facts. Majority doesn’t seem to matter as much as special interests.

How could the League of Cities, of which Forest Lake is a member, be so far off base? Or is it our mayor who is off base?

Ed Eigner
Forest Lake


Time for Review

In 2011, the Forest Lake football team finished 2-7, having lost their last four games under an interim coach.

The school hired Billy Kirch with the hope of turning around the program. Since his arrival, his team is 0-18 and has struggled to be competitive, with the outcome usually decided by halftime.

From a football standpoint, our kids lack fundamentals and seemed unprepared.

When you take a step back and look at the program you will struggle to find success at any level. It appears the kids at Forest Lake are not buying into coach Kirch’s program. I am not referring to players themselves; those kids would likely be playing regardless of who is coaching because they simply love the game. Unfortunately, they have been put in a tough situation.

Forest Lake has shown the ability to compete in other sports, which indicates the school has athletes. For whatever reasons, they are not drawn to football. Until the program has coaches in place to attract said athletes, the Rangers will continue to reside at the bottom.

From what I have heard, coach Kirch is a nice guy and I am not questioning his integrity. If all the students in a math class were failing year after year, wouldn’t the school address the situation….even if the teacher is a nice person?

What I (and others) are questioning is if coach Kirch is the right head coach at this school, at this time and in this conference? Based on results, I would say no.

Larry Gephart
Forest Lake

  • FLRanger

    Mr. Langness has implied our Mayor acts like a King; it may be a bit of an exaggeration, but he certainly has an arrogant way about him

    • You mean the mayor or Eric Langness?

      • Foodonastick

        I am apologizing to Eric Langness in advance; what I’m about to write is tongue in cheek

        The Mayor can act a little arrogant, at least he has been reelected

    • He refuses to have elections for council member vacancies. He refuses to have elections for incredibly expensive (and important) city hall construction. He acts as those he is all powerful and makes all decisions in town. That is much alike a King. I’ve certainly been called arrogant but this mayor makes me appear humble.