Batty shares her Bake-Off story

Beverly Batty of Forest Lake, who was a finalist in the 2013 Pillsbury Bake-Off, is back home.

She didn’t win. But she won’t stop trying. “I already have ideas popping in my head for the 2015 Bake-Off, to be held in Nashville,” she said.

Pillsbury awarded prizes to three winners. Batty says she tied for fourth place — with 96 others.

She had fun and made new friends. “The ones from Minnesota want to get together once a month or so for lunch,” she said.

She’s been asked to tell her story at a school. “I’ve been entering the contests since 1976, about 18 Bake-Offs, and finally made it to be one of the 100 finalists. Pillsbury has not heard the last of me and my great cookie!  Oh, yes, must not forget: It is now their great cookie.”

The Bake-Off was held at the Aria Resort and Casino, in a large conference area on the upper level. Batty met the Pillsbury Dough Boy and enjoyed the grand march, complete with kitchen band.

Her husband and daughter accompanied her to Las Vegas, visiting an old friend and a niece who is a Major in the Air Force.

Batty’s table at the awards banquet was in the first row to the left of the stage. “I had a fleeting thought of, ‘I am not that far if I get to walk to the stage,’” she said.

But even if she didn’t win $50,000 a year for 20 years, she did receive a GE microwave oven, a $100 gift card from Cub Foods, and a $125 gift card from Pillsbury.

Batty plans to continue entering recipe contests, especially the Pillsbury Bake-Off, where “they treat you special,” she said. “It was really a grand experience, a dream come true from my bucket list.”

This Thanksgiving week, Batty is full of gratitude for her three days of feeling like a celebrity. She offers this grandmotherly advice. “Keep doing meals together, every chance you get as families,” she said. “Share life and good, healthy food!”