School Board approves two-year contracts for directors, principals, supervisors

Salary increases range from 3.5 to 4.25 percent


Mary Bailey
Community Editor

Raises for school district administrators were approved at the Dec. 5 board meeting. The two-year contracts for directors, principals and supervisors cover this school year (2013-2014) and next (2014-2015). Salary increases will be applied retroactively to July 1, 2013.

Superintendent pay is considered separately. That contract covers three years and expires on June 30, 2015.

The five directors, who work from the district office and report to the superintendent, will receive 3.5 percent raises both years. The directors of business services, administration and human resources, teaching and learning, special education and community education will each receive $128,090 this school year and $132,573 next school year. Up to $5,000 pay for performance is added, based on evaluation by the superintendent.

Salaries for principals, assistant principals and the senior high activities director will increase 3.5 percent this school year and 3.5 percent again next year.

The salaries range from $101,983 (activities director) to $122,634 (high school principal) for 2013-2014 and from $105,552 (activities director) to $126,926 (high school principal) in 2014-2015. Up to $4,100 in performance pay is possible both years.

The six supervisors will see a 4 percent increase this year and 4.25 percent increase next school year.

Supervisors of information systems, food service, accounting, transportation, and buildings and grounds each will be paid $71,975 this school year and $75,035 next school year.

The aquatics supervisor salary is $68,245 for 2013-2014 and $71,145 for 2014-2015.


For all three groups, the school district pays the entire premium for both health and dental insurance for the employee and family. If the employee chooses single coverage, the difference is added to a health care reimbursement account.

The district pays for life insurance policies of $200,000 or $250,000, depending on the group. The employee pays for long-term disability insurance.

The district contributes an annual amount to a health care reimbursement account and a 403(B) plan.

Directors and principals also receive contributions to a retirement health care savings account. In the previous contract this was paid by the employee, but now the district contributes the entire $1,000 per year.

Paid time off includes holidays, vacation days and sick leave. If a holiday falls on a weekend, a weekday can be substituted. Some vacation days can be carried over to the next contract year.

Sick leave can accumulate for all three groups. The contracts differ on payment for unused sick leave.

Sick leave can be used for pregnancy, but a leave for child care is unpaid.

The district pays those on military leave the difference between their armed forces salary and their regular supervisor salary.

For principals and supervisors, in addition to sick leave, five days of bereavement leave for a death in the immediate family, plus two days for a death in the close family, are allowed.

After seven years of employment, directors and principals are eligible to apply for a sabbatical at half salary.


Directors work 12 months, totaling 223 days.

They receive 25 days of paid vacation plus 12 paid holidays and 18 paid sick days.

Up to 40 days of vacation can be carried to the next year, and the school district will pay for up to five days so they are not lost.

Sick leave can accumulate to 329 days.

The district contributes $1,020 to a health care reimbursement account, $1,000 to a retirement health care savings account and $3,000 to a 403(B) plan.

The district buys a $250,000 life insurance policy for each director.

The district also pays for mileage, professional dues, two state conferences and one national conference, miscellaneous business expenses up to $190 per month and moving expenses up to $4,000 to buy a house in the district.

If a director resigns, severance is paid if the director is at least 55 and has been on the job at least five years. The amount depends on years of service. The school district continues to pay the premium for health, dental and life insurance for 10 years.

If a director resigns or dies, the district pays for the current year’s unused vacation days plus any that were carried over.

Directors who are 55 or older and have 15 years’ service with the district are paid for unused sick leave at half the daily rate of pay when they resign.


Principals work 12 months, totaling 260 days. They receive 25 days of paid vacation and 12 paid holidays.

At most five vacation days can be used when school is in session, and a back-up principal must be arranged.

Principals can carry 40 vacation days to the next contract year. If a principal resigns or dies, the district pays for vacation days not taken.

Pay for performance, at most $4,100, is added to the annual salary.

The district contributes $1,020 to the health care reimbursement plan, $1,000 to the retirement health care savings account and $3,000 to a 403(B) plan.

For principals, the number of sick leave days each year is 18, which can accumulate to 320.

Travel expenses, conference fees, professional dues and moving expenses are covered by the district.

Principals also receive a stipend each month. At most schools, the amount is $135 per month, but Columbus and Wyoming principals receive $165 per month, and at three schools the amount is $190: Lino Lakes, Linwood and Scandia. (These amounts are for 2008. For each year after that, the stipend increases by 3 percent.)


Supervisors work 12 months, totaling 260 days. They are paid for 13 holidays.

The number of vacation days ranges from 13 after one year to 25 after 10 years, but the superintendent can authorize up to 25 days of vacation for new employees.

Supervisors can carry 40 days of unused vacation to the next year.

Up to $3,500 in performance pay is added to the salary.

The health reimbursement account for supervisors receives $480 from the district each year. Depending on years of service, the district contributes from $1,000 to $2,500 to a 403(B) plan.

The district provides $200,000 in life insurance.

Twenty days of paid sick leave per year can accumulate to 280 days total. Up to five days per year can be used for the supervisor’s spouse or parent.

Severance pay is given to supervisors ages 55 and older who have worked at least 10 years for the district. The amount is 90 percent of the annual salary, or less if fewer than 200 days of unused sick leave have accumulated.

Mileage and moving expenses are also paid by the district.

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