Open Forum for week of Dec. 26

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Miracle Mollie

I would like to thank all the friends, neighbors, businesses and total strangers who came together to help us find our dog, Mollie, several weeks ago.

We are not sure what spooked her or caused her to run off. We were beside ourselves with worry since the temperature was going to drop to -17 degrees and she is a mere 13 pounds.

She had rabies tags but not our phone number and we posted everywhere we could. We spent a very restless Saturday night alternating between searching, crying and praying. Sunday passed with even more searching crying, praying and worry: How could she ever survive in this cold?

Monday morning our prayers were answered!  A wonderful woman named Tammy had Mollie. Mollie had two angels that Sunday. Brad heard his dogs barking, went to see what the commotion was and found a very scared, hungry and cold Mollie. He pulled her out of the snow and brought her to his neighbor, Tammy, who fed and mothered Mollie for the night.

I would also like to thank our neighbor Johnny for jumping on his four-wheeler to help us look, and our other neighbor, John, and his dog Finn, that helped us track.

We have come to realize living in a rural community with neighbors you don’t always see that you will find the most wonderful, caring and friendly people everywhere, even in your backyard.

The biggest thank-you goes to God for answering our prayers and bringing our girl home. Merry Christmas to all!

Terry Gentry


A Nice, Local Option

My wife and I took in Masquers Theatre Productions’ WWII-themed “USO: Christmas at War” at the American Legion Post Friday night. It was a great show with almost-big-time talent.  It’s nice to have a dinner theatre here in River City, and not have to drive to the Twin Cities.

Another dinner theatre, with amateur musicians, can be had at the Legion Post’s free country jam every Sunday night from 6-9 p.m.

Richard F. Doyle
Forest Lake


Holiday Spirit

More than 100 children were given books through the efforts of the Chisago County libraries of the East Central Regional Library system for the holiday season.

Cooperating with the Chisago County Department of Health and Human Services, the library branches at Wyoming, Rush City, North Branch and Chisago Lakes collected books or money from patrons for these children.

The love of reading is spread through this endeavor; a heartfelt thank you to all who contributed.

Rebecca J. Hostetler
Giese Memorial Library


In Poor Taste

I was displeased to see the eCig Crib using an appearance of Santa Claus to market electronic cigarettes to children.

I was disappointed in the Forest Lake Times for giving them free publicity by promoting this appearance in the Community Events section. Shame on the Forest Lake Times for tacitly endorsing the sale of electronic cigarettes to children.

Dan Landherr