LAYSB to teach reasoning skills

Valissa Milanovich

Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau

Are you concerned with the choices your child has been making? Has your son or daughter already been in trouble at school or with the law?

Help is on the way. The Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau in Forest Lake will provide a reasoning skills program for youth beginning in 2014.

Ideal candidates are youth on probation, students receiving multiple disciplinary referrals at school, and parents concerned with choices their child is currently making.

The program consists of five sessions with the youth and a parent or legal guardian.

First the youth and parents will explore how the child currently makes choices. Then the therapist will explore options with the family on how to improve the youth’s reasoning skills.

The goal is that the youth will practice these newfound reasoning skills to have more positive experiences at home, at school and with peers.

The program has seven core concepts:

-confrontation of beliefs, attitudes and behaviors

-assessment of current relationships

-reinforcement of positive behavior and habits

-positive identity formation

-enhancement of self-concept

-decrease in hedonism and development of frustration tolerance

-development of higher stages of moral reasoning

The fee is $175. Both the youth and the parent or legal guardian must attend all sessions, which are held at the Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau office at 244 N. Lake St.

For more information, call 651-464-3685 or e-mail  [email protected]

Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau is a non-profit organization serving the Forest Lake Area School District and all communities in Chisago County.