Open Forum for week of Jan. 9

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Civic Duty Calls

It’s an election year, and the Minnesota State Democratic and Republican caucuses start up Feb. 4.

If you are a stronger DFLer, you know that three important seats are up for election. Gov. Mark Dayton is running for re-election. Rick Nolan is up for re-election as a United States Congressman, and Al Franken is up for re-election as United States Senator.

Democrats know that these people need and deserve your support.  Your caucus meets at 7 p.m. and registration starts at 6:30 p.m. Call your county auditor’s office to find the locations, or call me at 763-689-4246.

If you are a Republican and you want to support your local candidates, you can also call the auditor’s office and find out your party’s caucus locations.

If you are sick of both the Democrats and the Republicans, consider the political parties in Egypt. They seem to just set up a coup and wipe out the opposition. In this country, we have a lot of gridlock but we don’t have riots or machine guns. We just get talked to death.

All humor aside, we have a lot of people in both parties who try to study the issues, solve problems, and even on rare occasions take responsibility and work together. They may even be working for the betterment of our country.

It is our job as citizens to be well informed and to participate in our democracy by voting. You can participate even more by joining up with your local precinct caucus. This is where grassroots politics starts.

Barbara Kruschel

  • For all of the residents of the City of Forest Lake that wish to attend the Republican caucuses on Feb. 4th please head to the Senior high school starting at 7pm. It is a cost-free event to attend and we welcome all, even if you just want to observe and learn about our party! No experience necessary…