School district to pay former principal through April 30

Roche Martin resigned Linwood Elementary post


Clint Riese
News Editor

Former Linwood Elementary Principal Roche Martin is done working for Independent School District 831, but he will continue to collect a paycheck until April 30, according to a separation agreement finalized Jan. 3.


Martin started his ninth year as principal last fall but went on leave Sept. 25. Following complaints, the district conducted an investigation of Martin. Because it did not lead to discipline, school district officials have declined to release the nature of the leave or investigation, citing data practice law.

The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office has no record of a criminal charge or investigation of Martin.

Initially, Columbus Elementary special education teacher Nancy Rosman filled in for Martin. She was moved back to Columbus in December and high school Assistant Principal Jim Caldwell was named interim principal at Linwood Elementary.

The opening will be posted in March, said Communications Coordinator Ross Bennett, kicking off the standard search process. Following committee interviews with staff and school parents, Superintendent Linda Madsen will have the final say.

Under the separation agreement, the school district will also provide Martin a letter of reference.

  • Well this isn’t the best way to spend taxpayers money. I guess just the cost of bizness. Eric Langness what’s your take on this? Maybe we cab agree on something?

    • An open and transparent process has not occurred, yet. Today is day 15 after his resignation and according to the previous article the district was withholding until that point. I have more questions then answers at this point.

  • Boyd Crowder

    It will be interesting to see how Linwood residents in particular vote on the next school referendum request. With all this clearness and transparency (noting data privacy laws) and wasted taxpayer dollars (payment thru April) + a letter of reference (really??), I do believe ISD831’s referendum fate is already sealed! A Wiseperson once said: “There are two types of people in the World: 1) Idiots and 2) Educated Idiots”! Just makes you wonder sometimes…..

    • If he was good enough to earn a letter of recommendation there should be no reason to be anything other than transparent about the reason for his termination agreement handout.