Late hall members were ideal inductees

Linda Madsen
Guest Columnist

I’m writing this column about our district’s two halls of fame, but in discussing this subject I wanted to note two fine gentlemen with very special connections to our school district who have passed in the last few months.

Jim Trudeau and Danny Bever are both members of the Forest Lake Area High School Arts & Athletics Hall of Fame, and Jim is also a member of Forest Lake Area Schools Hall of Fame. Both were outstanding athletes – Dan in the late 1940s and early 1950s, and Jim in the mid-1950s – and both made tremendous contributions to our school district and to our communities during their lifetimes. I feel truly blessed that, in their last few years with us, we were able to adequately honor them for their achievements.

I know that both of these fine men were very proud and humbled to be inducted into our halls of fame, and I personally have felt a great sense of honor in being able to honor them in this way.

There are currently 76 members of the District Hall of Fame and 86 members of the Arts & Athletics Hall of Fame, but we all know there are many, many more individuals who are well deserving of this distinction. Our nomination process for both halls of fame is now open, and it is my hope that anyone reading this column will take some time to consider people who they feel might be appropriate members.

Remember, there are two halls of fame which are separate and distinctly different. The District Hall of Fame was created to honor the outstanding students, parents, teachers, administrators, volunteers and community members who have contributed to the success of our school district as a whole or have accomplished great things in their professions outside of the district. The High School Arts & Athletics Hall of Fame is intended to honor the students, coaches and advisors who have excelled in their particular sport or activity at the varsity level.

Nominees to the District Hall of Fame must be individuals who are former students, former staff members, or current or former members of the district’s community. They should be individuals who have made great contributions to our school district, either through their work in the district as a student, teacher, school board member, administrator or other staff member, volunteer, or individuals who have brought honor and pride to the district through their professional work or other community service. All nominees who are former students must have graduated from Forest Lake Area Schools prior to 2010.

Nominees for the Arts & Athletics Hall of Fame who are former student-athletes or activity participants must have graduated from Forest Lake Area High School at least 10 years ago. Coaches and advisors must be retired for seven years before induction.

There are other requirements for each hall of fame, and that information – and information about how to nominate someone – is available at

The deadline for nomination is March 18. When all nominations are received, each hall of fame has a separate committee that makes the final decision as to which nominees, if any, are inducted. Then in June the district will honor the inductees at a ceremony held during graduation week.

I am hopeful that many individuals will be nominated again this year and that we will induct more outstanding people into our halls of fame.

Thank you for your continued support of our halls of fame, and of our schools.

Linda Madsen, Ph.D., is superintendent of Forest Lake Area Schools.