Court of Appeals backs city in City Center case

The city of Forest Lake and its Economic Development Authority followed the law in issuing bonds for construction of the Forest Lake City Center, the Minnesota Court of Appeals has ruled. The appellants, including the Lakes Area Business Association, contended that state law required an election be held before the issuance of $22.5 million in bonds to fund construction of a new city hall/public safety building. In an opinion released this morning, Judge Margaret H. Chutich wrote that the election requirements of section 475.521 of the Minnesota Statutes do not apply to an economic development authority that issues revenue bonds to finance a capital improvement. Moreover, the three-judge panel ruled, a separate section allows economic development authorities to issue revenue bonds for capital improvement redevelopment without holding an election. See full coverage in this week’s Forest Lake Times.

  • Foodonastick

    Anyone giving odds that Mr. Piper and his gang will appeal this to the MN State Supreme Court and continue to spend FL Taxpayers money by making our elected city leaders defend the decisions they are elected to make?

    • Anyone giving odds that the city would have appealed this had the order been in Mr. Piper’s favor this last round? The mayor could have avoided it all with a vote of the citizens. That would have been the ethical thing to do.

      • Foodonastick

        In your opinion maybe but that’s all; it isn’t unethical for elected officials to make these types of decisions, as a matter of fact it is exactly what they are elected to do (my opinion).

        Elected city councils and mayors routinely make decisions about building city halls, building expansions; fire stations, public works buildings, purchasing equipment, building roads, water towers, curbs, gutters, sidewalks and on and on and on. Elections matter, it is the way we govern in the US; if you don’t like what they do, unelect them.

        It is also telling the Gang of a Few that are suing the city (and now you) most always single out just the mayor. The majority of the city council voted for this, the mayor has just one vote

        As far as your question would the city appealed if the court ruled the other way; pretty hard to put odds on a hypothetical question when we know the city prevailed and the Gang of a Few are the 2 time losers.

        At the rate the building is going up, by the time this lawsuit is completely thrown out or if the city loses before the MN Supreme Court, the building will be completed.

        Any odds from you on the chances the Gang of a Few will win their appeal to the MN Supreme Court?

        Someone made the comment that the Gang of a Few is promoting the idea of legislating by lawsuit and only those who have the money to sue will be heard

        The longer this goes on, the more I believe that statement has merit

    • Guest

      New day – same old mantra. We elected them to do anything they want – the citizen is powerless and should have no check on government. At some point I would love if you could actually defend this idea rather than just keep beating the drum of tyrannical government.