Court of Appeals backs city in City Center case

The city of Forest Lake and its Economic Development Authority followed the law in issuing bonds for construction of the Forest Lake City Center, the Minnesota Court of Appeals has ruled. The appellants, including the Lakes Area Business Association, contended that state law required an election be held before the issuance of $22.5 million in bonds to fund construction of a new city hall/public safety building.┬áIn an opinion released this morning, Judge Margaret H. Chutich wrote that the election requirements of section 475.521 of the Minnesota Statutes do not apply to an economic development authority that issues revenue bonds to finance a capital improvement. Moreover, the three-judge panel ruled, a separate section allows economic development authorities to issue revenue bonds for capital improvement redevelopment without holding an election. See full coverage in this week’s Forest Lake Times.

  • Foodonastick

    Anyone giving odds that Mr. Piper and is gang will appeal this to the MN State Supreme Court and continue to spend FL Taxpayers money by making our elected city leaders defend the decisions they are elected to make?

    • Eric Langness

      Anyone giving odds that the city would have appealed this had the order been in Mr. Piper’s favor this last round? The mayor could have avoided it all with a vote of the citizens. That would have been the ethical thing to do.