Open Forum for week of Jan. 30

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No Bow Deserved

I’m having a lot of trouble with this review about community, free, youth theater (“First weekend a success for ‘Suessical Jr.,’” Jan. 23). I would have thought that you were doing a write up on an off-Broadway play in the New York Times.

It is abhorrent that the author would publicly criticize the performance of a student. It is our jobs as adults and as members (or alumni) of the Forest Lake community to encourage our youth to not only be confident, take risks, try new things and express themselves, but to also commend them when they do so. Performing, acting, singing or even just speaking in front of an audience and peers takes courage. That should be celebrated, not scrutinized.

I couldn’t be prouder of the Youth Performing Arts Organization and the talented youth that have grown through this program (myself included). Perhaps we are a little spoiled in Forest Lake to have been raised in a community that supports and fosters creativity and the arts. Need some folks be reminded that these things are a privilege? We are so fortunate as a community to host an organization that give our youth opportunities to express themselves creatively, while also helping them build strong characters within a faith-based program that is open to anyone.

Sorry, Forest Lake Times. I have long been a supporter as well as appeared myself in your publication growing up in the area. You normally do a wonderful job highlighting successes and accomplishments of the area. This was not one of your finer moments.

Jessica Larson