Open Forum for week of Feb. 6

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Best Wishes

A delayed reaction to a loss: When I think of all the years that I have knocked on the doors of City Hall seeking information and guidance, I take note that I always found the help wished for in the cheery response of one Chantal Doriott.

She was the effective connection to city divisions and personalities and the steady chronicler of city action and inaction.

I am glad that she has found new work that is significantly closer to her home and a job that offers her a more normal daylight shift. But, I miss her and I’m sure that city operations have felt the loss.

Good luck Chantal. We wish you nothing but the very best.

Mark Finnemann
Forest Lake


Explanation Sought

Politicians are a confusing bunch. State Sen. Sean Nienow is a Tea Party/Republican example of a no-need-for-government-help and take-personal-responsibility type of a politician.

Now in reality it seems Sen. Nienow owes nearly three-quarter of a million dollars that news reports describe as non-payment of a government small business loan.

Yes, Senator we expect you to beg, borrow, sell assets and do what is necessary to keep your promise to the taxpayers of this nation and pay back the money you borrowed.

What did you do with the money, Senator? We the taxpayers are entitled to know what you spent the money on and how you plan to pay it back.

Where are the assets of the business? We need an accurate accounting; nothing less will do. Taking the easy way out by filing for bankruptcy and leaving the taxpayers on the hook is also unacceptable.

Sen. Nienow should have followed his own statement he made in 2011: “Get government out of the way and provide a favorable environment for businesses to succeed on their own merit.”

What merit would that be, Senator?

Max Anderson

Thankful Teachers

The Southwest Junior High English Department would like to publicly thank our PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization), Principal Marc Peterson and students for 32 Chromebook computers.

The money to purchase the computers was raised last year in a walk-a-thon for technology. The PTO recently voted to purchase new computers for our English teachers to use in the classroom. Principal Peterson also purchased mobile carts and printers with some of this year’s money that was raised in the “Move for Southwest” fundraiser.

We look forward to further engaging our students in fun and innovative classroom activities with the new computers.

We would especially like to thank PTO members Sue Tower and Lisa Peterson for their vision and help in this endeavor.

Thank you.

Kim MacDonald
On behalf of the Southwest Jr. High English Department

  • Nice letter Mark Finnemann! Chantal has always been a knowledgeable person to talk to and she’ll be missed by many in Forest Lake.