Flake Fest Medallion Hunt begins

The 2014 Flake Festival Medallion Hunt begins today, Feb. 15, along with the rest of the annual winter celebration. The medallion is hidden in a Forest Lake park. (Lakeside Memorial Park and Fenway Athletic Park are not eligible.) This year’s winner will need to have a Flake Festival button in order to claim the prize of a $200 check and a gift package valued at $300 that has been put together by local businesses. Buttons can be purchased at the Forest Lake Area Chamber of Commerce office at 568 S. Lake St. and at many local businesses.

Click here to see a directory of Forest Lake’s parks.

Daily clues will be posted at 8 a.m. until the medallion is found.

Clue No. 1: Saturday, Feb. 15
A plan that would stick,
We decided to pick,
Olympics for this FLake Fest’s theme.

Read wisely and then you,
can pick the right venue.
Your victory’s not just a dream.