The Feb. 13 Times incorrectly reported that the Feb. 6 school board vote to add make-up days to the school calendar was unanimous. The vote was actually 5-1. Dan Keiger voted no, saying the district should add days in June instead of using staff development and work days.

A Feb. 20 Times story said the school district pays the entire cost of single and family health and dental insurance for teachers. In fact, the district covers the employee’s medical coverage and contributes $645 per month to dependent coverage. Dental insurance premiums for employees are paid by the district, but employees who need dependent dental coverage pay for it themselves.

According to Business Director Larry Martini, family medical coverage (employee plus dependents) this school year costs $1,869.11 per month. The district contributes $1,421.92 ($776.92 + $645), so a teacher choosing family coverage pays $447.19 per month.

Dental coverage for the family (employee plus dependents) costs $119.00. The district contributes $39.60 for single coverage, so a teacher choosing this option pays $79.40 per month.