Election-year Open Forum policy

The Forest Lake Times has policies for election-related letters to the editor.

Political endorsement letters may not exceed 200 words. (Letters up to 250 words are allowed under the normal Open Forum policy.) The shorter limit allows space for more letters. Unlimited space is not guaranteed.

The deadline for consideration for a given week’s edition is noon on Monday, though submitting a letter by then does not guarantee publication that week.

Letters must be signed and include a formal address and telephone number for verification purposes. (The address and phone number will not be published.)

Letters are subject to editing for length and grammar. Whether to publish a letter in whole or in part is the decision of the editor, and his decision is final. An editor’s note may be attached if it is germane in helping identify the writer.

Form letters will not be published. A candidate endorsement, such as by a political action committee, will not be published in Open Forum, but may be considered news.

No more than two letters from a writer will be accepted during a campaign season. Regarding Independent School District 831’s May 20 bond referendum, no more than one letter from a writer will be accepted.

Endorsement letters will not be printed in the issue prior to the election.

Letters deemed libelous, repetitive in content, in poor taste or involving personal attacks will be rejected.

In most instances, letters from candidates will not be accepted. A candidate may be allowed to submit a rebuttal letter in response to a challenge or allegation made in the newspaper. The editor’s decision is final.

In all other cases, opinions of the candidate may be published in a paid advertisement. Post-election thank-you letters will not be published in Open Forum, but may be published as a paid advertisement.