Sizing it up at Goodwill

It’s Saturday at the neighborhood Goodwill, and among the shoppers is Evgenia Hutson, creator of the style and thrift blog. Having heard that Goodwill now sorts clothing according to size, she was curious to see whether that improvement would make a big difference in her shopping experience.

Shopping-racks“Sorting by size is a great step forward for Goodwill,” says Hutson, a thrifter since high school, who shops at a variety of secondhand and vintage stores. “It tells me that they care about their customers and want to save us time.”

Hudson has historically avoided the large sections featuring tops and bottoms, focusing instead on the smaller and more manageable racks featuring dresses, jackets, skirts and vests. This time, though, Hudson entered Goodwill with a more open mind, expecting to cover more ground in less time.

“I went in to search for transition pieces that would take my winter look into spring,” she said. “It only took an hour to look through my size sections throughout the entire store, and the rest of my time was spent trying things on. This visit took me less than two hours, which is amazing considering how many great deals I found.”

Here are some of the pieces that Hudson purchased and styled for spring. Noting that transitioning from winter to spring style can be tricky, she also offered tips for updating your closet for a new season.

1)  Spring layers – Look for light-weight cardigans, sweaters and scarves when layering for spring. Choose bold prints or florals. Pastels are also big this season.

2)  Prints with a color twist – Love houndstooth, stripes or polka dots? Choose a piece with the pattern you love, but in an unexpected color. Hudson found a houndstooth skirt in red and pink, instead of the usual black and white.

3)  Go Moto – A leather motorcycle jacket isn’t just perfect for fall; it’s also a great spring piece that creates a comfortable layered look.

4)  Bright Accessories – Not a fan of bold colors and prints? Choose a bright accessory instead. A pink clutch will always help make an outfit pop.

Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota operates more than 30 stores and donation centers throughout Minnesota and in Hudson, Wisconsin. Donations and sales supported local education and employment services for more than 30,000 people last year.

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