Spring gardening bonanza a huge success

Jerry Vitalis
Chisago County Master Gardener

Our 16th annual bonanza was one of the most successful ever. Gardeners were so anxious to get out of the house that they probably would have attended anything, so it’s good that they came to our bonanza.

Everyone enjoyed hearing Jim Gilbert as our keynote speaker. For me it was just like hearing him on WCCO radio. The difference was that rather than hearing him for 20 minutes on Sunday morning, I could hear him for an hour. I also bought a copy of his latest book called Minnesota’s Outdoor Wonders.

We were encouraged by the number of gardeners who stopped at our booth both at the Lindstrom Home Show and the bonanza. The community really looks to us to help with garden problems and planning. I was surprised that so many who signed up to be on our mailing list are new gardeners or families that just moved into our area.

Now that the weather is turning, gardeners are eager to prune their apple and other fruit trees. However, the snow depth is slowing the progress. In fact, the other day I talked to Jim Birkholz, who taught our class on pruning apple trees. The only way he can get to his 3,000 apple trees is with snowshoes. It doesn’t make me feel so bad.

Our bare-root plant sales are going well, although we are low on some varieties.

If you need information on ordering plants or classes, call Sue at the Extension Office at 651-277-0151.