4-H clubs perform at Share the Fun

C_4-H Forest Lake Rangers

The Forest Lake Rangers 4-H club received a second-place ribbon for their show “4-H Olympics” at the 4-H Share the Fun performances on April 25 at Oakland Junior High. Rangers McKenzie Adams, Zoey Sanke-Anderson, Megan Sullivan, Olympia Her, Kaley Springman, Danny Westphal, Tony Westphal, Camryn Jackson, Erin Sullivan, Kelly Sullivan and Kaitlyn Peuquin were directed by Josephine Hudoba.

C_4-H Town of May

The Town of May 4-H club received a third-place ribbon for their performance of “Our Hands to Larger Service.” Maria Anderson, Rebecca Anderson, Alyssa Clemens, Josie Clemens, Emma Newcomb, Rebecka Newcomb, Vivien Schmoll, Mike Slater and Jack Thill were directed by  Preston Huddleston and Jenny Thill.