FLHS students shine in emergency care program

Joe Grafft
Dr. John W. McBride
Guest Writers

In 2012-13, upon the recommendation of Superintendent Dr. Linda Madsen, the Forest Lake Area School Board approved the program Opportunities in Emergency Care, which consists of two new courses for Forest Lake High School students.

The first course is the Emergency Medical Responder course, formerly called First Responder. Seventy-nine students enrolled in the first year of this course. After successful completion of the EMR class, 22 students decided to pursue the next-level Emergency Medical Technician course.

This school year had over 80 students enrolled in the EMR class and 22 students enrolled in the EMT class. We would like to honor the following successful EMT course participants: Jacob Bush, John Hagen, Danielle Rybak, Micah Kryzer, Wolfgang Stolts, Madeline Gemuenden, Jordan Carr, Arne Woinarowicz, Karina Larsen, Storm Lenz, Hannah Mack, Angie Stroeing, Alyssa Taylor, Ryan Ahern, Haley Tripp, Alex Langer and Addison Kenny.

Six of these students after turning 18 have passed the National Registry of EMT’s Certification practical and written examinations. They are job ready and can work in the EMS field while pursuing higher education endeavors. The high school instructor is Paul Kendrick, who has done an excellent job with these students. Dr. Steve Massey, the principal, has fully supported this program and has been actively involved.

These students have been and continue to be outstanding individuals and caring professionals who continually give back and serve unselfishly to their communities. They have volunteered to teach area Boy Scouts scout leaders, Metropolitan State University law enforcement students, other high school students, assisted at safety camp and the prom mock accident drill, completed the required ride-alongs with North Ambulance, and done other extremely worthwhile activities.

We have taught students in many different capacities over the years and these students are among the best that we have had the privilege to teach and develop into caring, professional Emergency Medical Services providers.

Joe Grafft, MS, NREMT, founded the Opportunities in Emergency Care program in 1976. John W. McBride, MD, is the OEC medical director.