Family displaced by Sunday’s fire asks for privacy

Gawkers crowding street while Richerts live with neighbors

Clint Riese
News Editor

A Forest Lake family is dealing with the aftermath of losing its house to a fire on May 18. For Brian and Becky Richert and their two children, that already-difficult process has been complicated by gawkers at the site of the fire.

The family is staying with its neighbors on Karoline Court, and the small, single-outlet road has been swarmed with people driving through to view the house’s remains.

“The amount of people coming down in sight-seeing mode has been very trying,” said Becky Richert, noting it is especially tough on her daughter, who escaped the burning house with the family’s dog.

Police have closed the cul-de-sac to outside traffic, but spectators are illegally driving around the posted sign, Richert said.

The family is not seeking any assistance except thoughts and prayers, and directs any monetary donations to the Forest Lake Fire Department.

“Put it back to the city for all the hard work they did,” Richert said. “They did such a wonderful job, and they’re taking care of us right now.”

Richert also asks families to take a moment to count their blessings.

“Spend time with your loved ones, and give them a hug and kiss, because you never know what’s going to happen the next day,” she said.

  • Darlene Jones

    Why do people have to be so thoughtless ? I cannot believe how some people feed on the tragedy of others. Bless the Richert family and thankfully all are safe.