Open Forum for week of June 26

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Trail Work Coming
I want to thank Mr. Harwell for his letter in the June 19 Open Forum commenting on the condition of the Hardwood Creek Trail.

As County Commissioner representing Forest Lake and Hugo, I know sections of this trail are in poor condition. So I am pleased to report that the county will be resurfacing the trail next summer. We will also complete the extension of this trail in Hugo to County 8 and the regional trail system that will take you into Anoka and Ramsey counties. 

Our work does include improving the condition of the trail, bridge, approach fences and the addition of new benches for rest stops. These improvements are largely being funded with federal funding that comes to the Twin Cities area for bike trails. This means we do not need to rely on local property taxes to pay for this project, freeing up county dollars to focus on other priorities such as road improvements, public health and safety, and business and job growth. 

The city of Forest Lake’s focus on parks and trails, along with the county efforts to meet local and regional needs, continue to make Washington County a great place to live, work and play, today and tomorrow.

I appreciate everyone’s patience as this project is constructed and know you will enjoy a smooth new trail for many years to come.

Fran Miron
Washington County Commissioner – District 1

Wrong Impression
We recently saw Rep. Bob Barrett’s new campaign brochure. It has four pages with a lot of pictures. Imagine our surprise when we opened it up and there we are in a picture with Rep. Barrett and other union laborers and skilled trade union members.

We were meeting with Rep. Barrett about issues important to the Laborers Union, including the bonding bill, not because we support him! 

Our picture in his campaign piece gives implied support to him; This is as far from the truth as can be. Rep. Barrett didn’t vote for the bonding bill, which is the most important bill for us. 

They took the picture, but we didn’t give consent to be in his campaign brochure, and were never asked.

Mike Connelly
Forest Lake

Dan McGowan

Electable Team
I would like to take this opportunity to encourage the residents of Forest Lake to consider The Scott Honour/Karin Housley team for Governor and Lt. Governor of Minnesota.

Not only are they qualified, but they are actually electable, something that the Republican party has not been able to find recently. They both have a strong business sense and have been successful, despite their humble roots, because of old-fashioned hard work, determination and commitment. 

Minnesota can get out from under the heavy tax burdens and get residents back to work, keeping socialism at bay. Personally, I am tired of the government trying to control everything I do. Lets get back to the all American values of  gainful employment for everyone. This team can get us back on track.

Chris Addington
Baytown Township

  • Foodonastick

    in my mind you have it backwards and this one is really a black and white issue (no gray area here)
    It is the duty and responsibility of all elected representatives to meet and discuss issues no matter who it is or whether they agree or disagree. Are they only to meet with people they THINK they agree with?
    It is wrong and deceptive to print pictures in campaign literature that leads the reader to assume the people or organization pictured supports the campaign
    This is what is wrong with politicians today and mostly likely why a career politician like you would defend such a underhanded tactic
    May be time for some soul searching on your part; you may get some insights into why you have been so handily defeated in the last (how many elections is it?) elections that you’ve run in

    • Eric Langness

      I’m hardly a career politician and I’ll stand by my comments that credit Mr. Barrett for taking the time and choosing to meet with all sides. He’s an honorable politician and servant.

      On a side note, you always like to point out that I’ve lost elections and fail to mention the awesome success I’ve had. Are you simply ignorant of all facts or so partisan that you see past the many good things I’ve done for our community? And, how many elections have you won?

      • Foodonastick

        Getting censured is a great accomplishment for our community
        Great way to spend taxpayer’s money

        • Eric Langness

          Obviously you don’t understand the term ‘censured’ as you believe it cost taxpayer’s money and is nothing beyond a political move by those that disagreed. Do you also realize that the censure was for a motion that David Gay (former school board member) made and all I did was ‘second the motion for discussion’ before withdrawing it after discussion at which time all I did was listen. The censure was clearly a political attack and tells more about the foolish actions of the board chair at the time that couldn’t even spell my name correctly (among many other errors on the document) to politically slander me.

  • Jacob

    FOS, I see the problem in the wisdom of your commentary back to Mr. Langness, you deal with the facts! Don’t you know they just get in the way?

    FOS, glad to see you back. You have been missed.

    Mustard only please!

  • Eric Langness

    You forgot to mention numerous other elections I have won at the local, congressional and state level within a political party structure and also on other educational boards. Giving half the facts doesn’t demonstrate truth.

    • Eric Marleau

      What elections have you won Mr. Langness. Not picking side. I have no dogs in this fight. Just curious.

      • Eric Langness

        Forest Lake School Board, Metro ECSU (Educational Cooperatives Service Unit) Executive Board, Minnesota (educational) Service Cooperatives Executive Board, Senate District 52 GOP Deputy Chair several terms, Congressional District 6 Vice-Chairman as Washington County Representative among many delegate positions to the local BPOU, GOP Endorsement for Washington County Commissioner, & Congressional, State and State Central committees for the GOP. Like many people that choose to be active in the political process I’ve also lost a handful of elections (listed above in FOS comment) … the difference is I tell the whole story while (s)he rants this off frequently whenever possible. It’s possible that I missed a few but I think this makes the point.

        Thanks for asking Eric. Like my politics or not, it’s fair to say I’ve played an active role and had an opportunity to serve in numerous aspects. What I’m not is a ‘career politician’ as described above as the vast majority of these positions were unpaid (school board salary was $200/month at that time – since has doubled) and I’ve always maintained full time employment during all of it. FOS should focus on the issues but seemingly prefers to divert conversations when unable to decipher facts and present a logical argument.

        • Foodonastick

          Elections where party hacks vote for party hacks – that’s awesome

          How many real public elections have you run for and been successful; I mean that the voting public actually participated in; not elections where your right wing cronies were the only ones to vote

          Bottom line, your track record in public elections is pretty poor

          Career politician or perennial candidate; you say corn dog, I say Pronto Pup

  • FLRanger

    I guess Chris Addington missed the fact that the Twin Cities have the lowest unemployment rate of any major city in the country

    The State Budget is now balanced and taxes were lowered in the last legislative session

    Funny how 1st year State Senator Housley wants out of her job just a year and a half after winning the election (seems finishing what you started isn’t an American value that Chris Addington cares about)

    To bad Mr. Langness lost in the Republican Primary to Housley, he has shown time and again he wants to be a public employee

    • Eric Langness

      Minnesota constitutionally is required to have a ‘balanced budget’ so implying that it is now balanced is misleading. Taxes were lowered in the second year of a 2-year biennium because they were exorbitantly raised the first year. It would be akin to me taking $1000 more from you, then a year later saying I would only take $900 more from you this year and you can think of that as a $100 savings when in fact it’s not.

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