Loved ‘Footloose’

We love being in “Footloose” being put on by Masquers Theatre Company. We play the Bomont town children. Never heard of Bomont? Come to “Footloose” and, like us, you might find you can relate to what is happening in Bomont.

Is it some kind of fate that we are in a musical that mirrors the last year and a half of our lives advocating for the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act (Minnesota’s new bullying prevention law)?

Footloose is all about how youth can make social change a reality, told through such songs as “I Can’t Stand Still,” “Holding Out For a Hero,” “Somebody’s Eyes (Are Watching You),” “Heaven Help Me,” “Let’s Hear It for The Boy,” “Can You Find It in Your Heart,” “Mama Says (You Can’t Back Down)” and “Footloose.”

Here’s to “I’m Free” and “Everybody Cut Footloose” — because, with the help of some heros, youth can make positive social change happen! “Mama says what you believe in is all you really own.”

We are fortunate to be in this awesome musical with so many talented performers who sing, act and dance with so much enthusiasm and flair – you will want to get up and dance, dance, dance !

The artistic director, Ben Wagner, really knows how to direct a great show. Karen Hillmann, music director, leads music that will make your soul sing.

Thank you to Masquers Theatre Company for letting us be involved in this heart-felt and meaningful show that tells the story of how all of us can make the world a better place.

You can see this terrific show July 24–27. For tickets, call 651-464-5823 or go online to

Jake, Lydia and Ben Ross, Forest Lake