Open forum for Aug. 14, 2014

Bill is important

Recently there was a letter to the editor in this paper about Rep. Barrett running a picture of some union laborers and that the picture in the campaign brochure implied support for Rep. Barrett (“Wrong Impression,” June 26).

The union folks said they don’t support Rep. Barrett because he didn’t support the bonding bill. Well, it’s important to know that Chisago County has more union tradesmen and women than most counties in Minnesota.

The bonding bill is our bread and butter; it’s what keeps us going. Even if we’re not working on a bonding bill project, these projects keep the whole construction industry going.

Yet it’s not the industry, but the workers and their families that I’m concerned about. Rep. Barrett evidently doesn’t care about us, our jobs or our families.

Justin Grosz


‘On your left’

We thoroughly enjoy the Hardwood Creek Trail for hiking. However, we are often startled by bikers who come up from behind us without any warning, suddenly appearing on our left and making our hearts skip a beat or two.

At least half of the bikers practice common courtesy by announcing themselves with an “On your left” greeting, a toot of a bike horn, the tinkle of a bike bell or even just a simple “Good morning!’ to let us know that a bike is approaching from behind us. Thank you very much to all of those bikers who provide an “On your left” warning. We appreciate it!

Alex and Susan Keto

Forest Lake