Sons of Norway host Christmas feast

Community Editor


Vennelag 1-546, Sons of Norway, wishes everyone a Gladelig Jul og et Godt Nytt År (a merry Christmas and a good new year). The group will host their annual Julefest (Christmas Party) Dec. 20 at the Lindstrom Community Center, 13292 Sylvan Avenue, starting with a Julebord (Christmas potluck smorgasbord) at 6:30 p.m.

Vennelag members will bring a Christmas dish to share at the Julebord. They will use their Norwegian talents to prepare one or more of Norwegian delicacies such as rømmegraut, lefse, krumkake, rice pudding, or pepperkake. Norwegian sild (herring) is also a welcome delicacy. (No lutefisk will be served) Lots of tasty hot dishes show up, too. Plates, utensils, and beverages are provided.

The group will be singing Christmas and holiday songs to celebrate the season.
Fellow Norwegians are invited to attend and enjoy the Julefest with the members of Vennelag. If you have a colorful Norwegian sweater, the Julefest would be a great place to show it off.