January 12, 2017

Revised for Publication

The following unapproved minutes have been revised for publication and will be approved at the next School Board Meeting. The full text is posted on the district web site, available by standard or email, and for public inspection at the school district offices during normal business hours.

A Work Session of the School Board of ISD No. 831, Forest Lk., MN, was called to order by Rob Rapheal at 6:35 p.m. on 1-12-17, at the School District Offices. At roll called the following mmbrs were present: Karen Morehead, Jill Olson, Jeff Peterson, Robert Rapheal, and Gail Theisen. Member Luke Odegaard and Supt. Linda Madsen ex officio, were absent. Mmbr Julie Corcoran arrived at 6:38 pm.

At 6:35 pm K. Dragseth and D. Clough from School Exec Connect, Edina, MN presented their supt search proposal to the Schl Bd.

At 7:50 pm Pres Rapheal called for a recess. At 8:00 pm the mtg resumed. Mmbrs Corcoran, Morehead, Olson, Peterson, Rapheal and Theisen were present.

At 8:00 pm T. Jacobson from McPherson & Jacobson LLC, Omaha, NE presented his supt search proposal to the Schl Bd.

As there was no further business, Mmbr Morehead moved, 2nd by Mmbr Corcoran to adjourn. All mmbrs voted aye and the mtg adjourned at 8:45 pm.

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Forest Lake Times

January 26, 2017


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