Scandia amends event ordinance

Terry Traver

Scandia Reporter

The Jan. 17 City Council meeting in Scandia was the first led by newly elected Mayor Christine Maefsky and attended by newly elected Councilman Steve Kronmiller.

Rural event ordinance

The first item was amending the city’s development code related to rural event sites. Led by the work of the Planning Commission and Scandia City Planner Sheri Buss, changes were made to specific sections of the ordinance.

A rural event site is now called a “rural event site activity area,” which is defined as the specific area within a property that operates as a rural event facility on which any of the activities associated with the facility area are likely to occur, including parking areas.

The application for an annual operators permit for a rural event facility must be filed with the city at least 60 days prior to the expiration of the current annual operators permit.

The operator must submit an annual report with the permit application that summarizes the operations during the past year and the proposed operations for the coming year, based on its rural events plan and other facility plans approved by the city. The annual report will summarize how the proposed operations are expected to be similar to or vary from the operations of the previous year. The report shall include the number of events held at the facility, types of events, numbers of attendees, hours of operation and shall describe conformance with the conditions included in the interim use permit that was approved for the facility. The report will include the site plan and identify any proposed changes in site use, facility changes, or changes in number and types of events expected in the coming year.

The noise ordinance was changed to reference the city noise ordinance related to outdoor noise, not indoor noise. The rural event site activity area must be located at least 100 feet from the boundaries of adjoining properties. The city may also require screening at such sites.

These amendments were approved unanimously by the council.

Frontier franchise

The council unanimously approved contracting with Citizens Telecommunications Company to construct, operate and maintain a cable system in the city of Scandia.

“This allows Frontier to use their infrastructure to provide cable to Scandia,” City Administrator Neil Soltis said.