CORE program offers new way to educate

Community Editor

Forest Lake Area Schools is set to launch a brand new program for seventh- through ninth-graders for the 2017-18 school year entitled CORE. The CORE program offers an alternative learning environment for students who may struggle with the traditional classroom setting in the CORE subjects of English, math, science and social studies. Through the same standards and research-based instructional practices that are in place for the current model of education, the CORE program will focus on supporting students in academic and social-emotional skills. Those who participate in the program will have their progress monitored and shared with their parents. Classrooms will be set up with flexible seating, project-based learning, no homework and will be limited to 20 students per class. The goal of the program is to reach those students who need additional support in school, and recognize that they all have different gifts and strengths when it comes to learning.