FLAHS students master the market through BestPrep’s Stock Market Simulation

Community Editor

Students at Forest Lake High School competing in The Stock Market Game this fall learned both the struggles and the perks of investing. As they navigated their way through the ups and downs of the stock market, students came away with from the experience with a full understanding of the stock market, and perhaps a little extra virtual “cash” as well.

The students joined BestPrep and more than 4,500 students in 175 schools around Minnesota to compete in The Stock Market Game. Teacher Alan Anderson is advising the students as part of the curriculum at Forest Lake High School. The Stock Market Game teaches important financial planning and money management through first-hand experience, and engages students in a way that keeps them wanting to learn more.

“I am excited about my personal money management classes as students are really learning that the decisions they make now are really important for their futures,” Anderson said in a press release. “With the economy as it is, we know all the more how important it is to make good decisions. The stock market game is one way students learn how to make good investing choices. The class has many other areas students study so they can become financially successful later. We are learning that most often it is not how much you make but what you do with it that counts.”

The Stock Market Game is an interactive educational tool used in grades 4-12 to supplement subjects such as math, social studies, and business education, while fulfilling Minnesota Graduation Standards. BestPrep, a Minnesota-based nonprofit, administers the experiential program to students throughout the state to enhance economic education and financial literacy.
Student teams of two participating in The Stock Market Game are given a virtual $100,000 to “invest” over a 15 week period, and compete with their peers throughout the state. Each team receives a daily portfolio updates on their current holdings, brokerage fees, interest, and team rankings. During the session, teachers incorporate The Stock Market Game’s supporting materials into their curriculum.

The FLAHS Team of Ivy Doucette and Jacob Himraj were the top team out of 41 FLAHS personal money management teams that played. As their prize, they got breakfast supplied by Anderson to push students to try even harder at the game. Also, the first place students at the national level receive a free trip to New York City. No Forest Lake teams went this year, but Anderson has high hopes for his students next year.

“This would be a great game for everyone to play at least once, just to get an understanding,” junior Sammie Hildreth said in a press release.

BestPrep is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preparing Minnesota students with business, career and financial literacy skills through experiences that inspire success in work, and life, annually serving over 80,000 students.