Public recognition


Submitted photo
Forest Lake patrol officer Tom Cockburn (pictured here with Police Chief Rick Peterson, left, and Capt. Greg Weiss, right) was honored by the Forest Lake Fire Department with the presentation of an award of distinguished service during the Forest Lake City Council’s Feb. 21 work session for a rescue he made in a house fire last year. On Dec. 19, 2016, just after 8 p.m., Forest Lake emergency personnel received an emergency call of a fire in a home on the 21000 block of Everton Avenue North, on the south side of Clear Lake – the home of Forest Lake Councilman Ed Eigner. According to a police report and the Fire Department, Cockburn was on patrol near Menards and arrived before firefighters did. Knowing from the call that a person may have been trapped in the residence, Cockburn entered the home and saw that it was filled with heavy smoke, later determined to have been caused by a fire on the kitchen stove. In the home, Cockburn located Eigner’s wife, Rozanne, on the second floor, and he carried her out of the residence (she was later treated for non-life-threatening injuries). Police also safely retrieved a dog from the residence, and firefighters contained the fire.