Open Forum for March 2, 2017

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Save local history

By the end of March, the old Forest Lake City Hall, on the north end of Lake Street, is to be taken down towards new development. Inside this old building, the Forest Lake Historical Society has been storing precious items donated over many years, for which there still no permanent home.

The immediate need is for volunteers to help rescue/move these items before they are destroyed with the building. Saving these items will help generations to appreciate what caring Forest Lakers did to save local history in March 2017.

The long-term need is that our local Forest Lake, Columbus, Wyoming, Hugo, Scandia, Linwood, Lino Lakes historical items need a permanent home! To assist, contact Glen Berg via [email protected] or

Florence Daninger
Forest Lake

They are then, we are now

More than 15 years ago, a certain political faction declared a moratorium on progress; they persist to this day with the mantra that “minimal want and minimal need” can prevail. Their engine runs on a retardant fuel and cannot drive us toward a greater tomorrow. We must choose to become what families and businesses desire or we will be the vacuum that other cities fill.

The latest example of this faction’s drag line philosophy is to concede control of our local police services to outsiders, all for the sake of the budgetary bottom line (we remain uncertain as to whether an apples to apples comparison yields a monetary profit, but they seem convinced of it). They see a line item, and we see people and relationships and all of the complexities that make up community life. We want the control and flexibility to define our future with our own reliable and invested people.

However, we are not their constituency; they answer to a hierarchy elsewhere in the community. They feel immune to the protests, the petitions and the public outcry exhibited at City Council meetings because they have their marching orders and they are dutiful soldiers.

Maintain the challenge!

Mark Finnemann
Forest Lake

  • Eugene Huerstel

    Mark Finnemann, Your not the one to bring Forest Lake together. You degrade people who you don’t even know. Your opinion of things begin with false pretense’s. I hope the people get your number. Using certain words to describe Forest Lake People is wrong and you should never be in Authority over its residents.