Bluebird Workshop to be held at state park

Community Editor

On March 18 starting at 1 p.m. at William O’Brien State Park, special presenter Julie Osterbauer will take visitors through the world of the Eastern bluebird. She will show guests how to attract bluebirds to their own backyard and also how to establish a bluebird trail. Construction plans to build a bluebird nestbox will be available after the program. Call the park at 651-433-0500 to reserve one of the nestbox kits that the Friends of William O’Brien State Park will be selling for $18 each. Friends group members will be on hand to help with assembly, but guests are asked to bring a hammer if they plan to make a nestbox.

William O’Brien State Park is located two miles north of Marine-On-St. Croix, on Highway 95. A vehicle permit is needed to enter any Minnesota State Park.