Trash discussed at Linwood annual meeting

Amy Doeun
Linwood Reporter

On Tuesday, March 14, the parking lot of the Linwood Township offices began filling early. The Town Board held its regular meeting at 6 p.m., followed by the annual meeting at 7.

Recycling program

Anoka County approached Linwood Township about being a collection site during the month of April for boat plastic — the white or blue plastic used to winterize boats for storage.

“They would park a trailer (in the lot of the township offices) in April. Apparently there is a market for it. We will see what happens,” Supervisor Ed Kramer said. “The shrink wrap has to be certain grade. We can also take the plastic from hay bails. They are the same grade if we can keep it all the same grade then we can recycle it.

“It is an experimental thing the county wants to try and they said that we make the most sense and have the most room. The county will reimburse us (for the trailer).”

Annual meeting

After the Town Board meeting, the annual meeting was held. During this meeting, the Town Board shares updates with the community and the community has an opportunity to vote on new items.

Eighty-four people attended the meeting. In addition to reports for the city’s various departments, the new 2018 levy amount was set for $1.625 million.

Resident Corey Williams also asked the township to consider moving to one trash carrier. He told those gathered that this would save wear and tear on the township roads and give the city buying power by negotiating a large contract and taking bids.

“Nearly everything, every charge on your (trash) bill is negotiable, but you need buying power,” Williams said. He also added that studies have been done comparing the damage done to area roads by various weights of vehicles. “A trash truck is the same as a car driving 200 times.”

Kramer said before the annual meeting that he expected that there would be a lot of complaints from residents about losing choice. However, while there was some push back, the residents voted to explore the option more and look into it at a later date. A timeline has not been set on this item. The next annual meeting is scheduled for March 13, 2018.