Century Jr. High students benefit from sensory room

Community Editor

Students at Century Junior High with various disabilities have been using the school’s new sensory room to relax. The sensory room helps develops students’ individual senses through movement, tactile, audio and smell. The room has helped de-escalate when overstimulated, reduce anxiety and help students with regulating so they can return to the classroom more relaxed and ready to focus.

The room includes different equipment tailored to different sensory systems, including three different swings (hammock, cocoon, and platform swing), painted blue walls, a liquid motion bubbler, star motion and rainforest, ocean and fish scenes projected on the ceiling, lava lamps, massagers, weighted blankets, body socks, fidgets, bean bags, keyboards and pianos, a diffuser with aromatherapy scents, a rain stick, a sound spa, yoga balls, a crawl tunnel, and a balance beam.

The sensory room cost a total of $1,500, which was funded through The Education Foundation of the Forest Lake Area. The Education Foundation of the Forest Lake Area is a nonprofit organization that supports education and community activities in the Forest Lake area. The foundation’s efforts brings together community, private sector, and school system resources by investing in initiatives that enhance the communities’ educational opportunities.