Wyoming talks comments, street work, more

Amy Doeun
Wyoming Reporter

The recent City Pages article that featured comments by Wyoming Councilwoman Linda Nanko-Yeager and Councilman Dan Waller at the City Council’s Feb. 22 work session was again the subject of public comment at the March 22 council meeting.

Dan Iverson spoke during the open forum, saying, “I happen to be the mayor’s husband.” He added that he wanted to share his thoughts about the recent City Pages article and the Forest Lake Times article that referenced it.

“Unlike the resident that commented at the last board meeting and the Forest Lake Times reporter, I actually listened to the audio from the work session, all 2 hours, 3 minutes and 6 seconds of it,” Iverson said.

Iverson said the City Pages piece was an inaccurate reflection of the meeting and said the Times should not have cited it for its story about the remarks (learn more in the March 16 Times article “Wyoming council questioned after remarks”).

Iverson said what he heard on the audio was “friendly banter and a building up of each other’s ideas.”

“Yes, there were those unfortunate moments when an inappropriate comment was uttered, and that cannot be condoned,” he said. “But this by no means represents the views of the City Council or city of Wyoming as a whole. Nor should it take away from the good work that has been done by the City Council.”

He added that he welcomed anyone who was interested to listen to the whole audio from the work session. The audio can be heard at City Hall or by ordering a CD for $10.

Street improvements

City Engineer Mark Erichson asked the council for feedback about the 2017 street improvement project on 250th Street and Goodview Avenue. The city would like to move forward with bids in improving the area’s roadway.

Erichson said a roundabout at the intersection, previously broached in discussions on the project, would not be very cost effective.

“That left us with a stop sign, and LED stop signs and driver feedback signs (showing the speed limit and the driver’s speed),” he said.

“We had a feedback meeting at the neighborhood. … We didn’t hear any negatives or requests for any measure beyond that,” he added. “That doesn’t mean that there were not thoughts or that everyone was present.”

Chief of Public Safety Paul Hoppe suggested a stop sign at 260th and then driver feedback signs further south.

“If you do more stop signs, then you end up with a stop and go with acceleration, so it is kind of a trade off,” he said.

Erichson recommended an LED light stop sign on Goodview only, with regular stop signs on the cross street. He also sought feedback about paving the city parking lot on Goodview Avenue.

“I think that would be a nice addition to the park as well,” Mayor Lisa Iverson said. The council voted to accept the suggestions of Hoppe and Erichson. Bids will be forthcoming.

Other business

The rest of the meeting finalized some ongoing projects of city staff. The City Council approved the Park Board Authority powers and duties and park improvement checklist as well as the city’s safety manual.

Nanko-Yeager said the park checklist was “complete and thorough.” Iverson agreed.

“This is the first quarter of the new administration, and you are doing a really great job getting all these manuals done that we have never had before,” she told city staff.

During the council reports section of the meeting, Councilwoman Claire Luger said, “I look forward to attending the respectful workplace training tomorrow and thank the staff for taking initiative to set it up.”

Iverson also mentioned that there is a vacancy on the Park Board due to the resignation of Roger Elmore.

“We want to increase the involvement with residents in what we are doing,” she said, adding that she hopes to find a community member to fill the position soon.