Auditorium to see $600,000 improvement

Community Editor

The Forest Lake School Board voted May 4 to match grant funds from the Hanifl Foundation to provide $600,000 worth of improvements the high school auditorium.

The Forest Lake Senior High School administration has been in discussions with members of the Children’s Performing Arts group over the last 15 months. The discussions have centered on developing a $300,000 matching grant to improve various components of the high school auditorium. Those components could include upgraded lighting, sound, seating, carpeting, and stage flooring, among other things.

Sharon Hanifl-Lee offered access to her family’s foundation in exchange for priority scheduling for the Children’s Performing Arts and the Masquers Theatre group.

School district legal counsel created a draft of the grant agreement and two facility use agreements. In exchange for $300,000 from the Hanifl Foundation, the school district will use long term facility maintenence dollars to fund $600,000 worth of improvements to the high school auditorium. The school district will also extend rent-free use of the auditorium over the next 20 years to Masquers and CPA.