Wyoming council talks parks and streets

Amy Doeun
Wyoming Reporter

Wyoming Mayor Lisa Iverson asked Parks Committee Chairman Kevin Teel to give the Wyoming City Council an update on the first quarter activities of the committee during the council’s April 18 meeting. Teel attended the meeting and shared that the committee had planned three new park playground equipment updates. These will be presented at a future meeting.

“We are working on the budget,” he said. “Each of us at the meeting last night is taking a couple of parks to visit and visiting them. We are looking at the maintenance budget and repairs and looking to see what we can accomplish this year. We are going to try and freshen up each of the parks this year.” This includes new rubber swings and fresh paint.

“We are tossing around trying to put an ‘adopt a garden’ program together,” Teel added.

Trouble road

During the consent agenda portion of the meeting, Councilman Don Waller pulled the Engineer and Public Works report about dealing with 250th, a gravel road. Waller had received a resident’s complaint about the road. Public Works Superintendent Marty Powers reported that the road had been “firmed up with some larger rocks.”

“It had some ruts 12 to 18 inches deep,” Powers said. “It is firmed up with the larger rocks and when gravel is crushed, it will be put down.”

“When you are coming off of Highway 8 at a higher speed onto that, larger rock is not good,” Waller said, asking why the road was in such poor condition.

“The salt and the frost coming out of the ground, it is something that occurs yearly at this time,” Powers replied.

City Engineer Mark Erichson said that if cost were not a factor, there would be more options for repair.

“Larger rock is something that many cities do,” he said.

“I did drive over it in response to a resident’s concern and it was very hard in my Volvo,” Councilwoman Linda Nanko-Yeager said. “And that is a tank.”

Powers confirmed that fixing the road is a priority but the city’s work on Goodview Avenue will be completed first.

“A higher priority (project) but finishing up with Goodview (will come first),” Powers said. “We are fighting the weather. Two days of dry weather is what we need; we can’t throw a new mix into a swimming pool. The entire road is potholed.”

Street improvement

The city is also finalizing its street improvement plans for the 2017 season and is seeking bids.

“We wrapped our final plans and are seeking your approval for them and seeking bids,” Erichson said.

Waller wondered if the city was bidding the project too late. Erichson said that he would like to plan a year ahead and begin taking bids for the year in January – planning projects the previous year and then bidding them out early.

“But the planning can be different,” he said. “(These are) some of the lowest prices I have seen in recent memory. … The word is out on the project, and I have had some contractors already contacting me.”

The city will look at the bids in a special session May 23.