Queen and princess candidates sought in East Bethel

Community Editor

The East Bethel Scholarship Program offers an opportunity for local girls to become candidates for East Bethel Royal Ambassador.

Throughout the seven-week candidacy, activities and educational experiences occur which promote positive character development. Some of the topics covered in candidacy include public-speaking, volunteerism, interview skills, and building confidence. A guest speaker has been booked to talk with the candidates about leadership and having a positive self-image. Candidates also participate in an image clinic covering etiquette, poise, and public and virtual image awareness, along with a make-up clinic with a cosmetic professional. All candidates and their families also learn CPR.

East Bethel royal candidates need to be female, 16 to 22 years of age by July 1, cannot currently cohabitate with a significant other and never have been married or pregnant. Little Miss East Bethel candidates need to be a female 6 to 8 years of age by July 1. All candidates need to live in East Bethel or attend school in St. Francis, Andover, or Forest Lake School Districts, and be willing to attend candidate events.

The 2017 candidate orientation will be June 1 at 7 p.m. at East Bethel City Hall, located at 2241 221st Ave. NE, East Bethel. This orientation will provide all of the information one needs to participate. Also visit the program’s website for additional information at eastbethelroyalty.org/home.html, or contact the candidacy coordinators at [email protected]