Open Forum for May 25, 2017

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Remember the food shelf

It is planting time and a wonderful time to be thinking about your local food shelf. Think about putting in an extra plant or an extra row for the food shelf. People who use the food shelf love homegrown fruits and vegetables as much as you do. You do not need to donate a lot of produce at one time. Perhaps you have two extra tomatoes or three extra cucumbers. We will take them!
Keep your local food shelf in mind when your garden begins to flourish and your crops are coming in faster than you can eat them. The local food shelf would love to take them off your hands! Remember, children love carrots and cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.

Kathy Wills
Director of Hunger Relief at Family Pathways

Thanks to students

It takes a village to raise a child and the schools to help save the FLPD. Thank you young people for all your support.

Cathy Ripley
Forest Lake

Thanks for praying

We would like to thank the many people who came to pray at this year’s National Day of Prayer in Forest Lake. We also thank the pastors and prayer leaders; the American Legion for the use of their facility and the color guard; the musicians; LATV; and Key’s, Perkins and Apple Bagel for supplying the refreshments. Mostly, we thank God for His mercy and blessings on this country.
Please continue to pray throughout the year that God will do a mighty work in the hearts of Americans so that we can be “One Nation Under God.”

We wish you God’s blessing and look forward to seeing you again at next year’s National Day of Prayer.

Diane Rueb and Holly Payer
Co-chairs of the Forest Lake National Day of Prayer

Cooler heads

I am a retired second grade teacher. I would like to make a few comments about the behavior demonstrated at the City Council meetings involving the policing issue in Forest Lake.

I have attended a few of the meetings, most with public forums, in which people expressed their views. Some people have been polite and respectful in their remarks. I support free speech and the right of people to give their input. I am also grateful for a council who gives the public time to do this.

As for my comments on behavior, policing in our community has been an emotional issue. I have observed a number of individuals shouting during council discussion, many interrupting by cheering or booing, some people raising their fists, one person throwing something and people completely losing their tempers. In my teaching career, students acting this way would have been removed from the classroom. I personally believe it adds nothing to an argument to act in this manner.

As adults modeling to the many students who have attended these meetings, I would hope we could act in a manner they would some day emulate. Communicate factually, and allow people to listen. Demonstrate respect.

May cooler heads prevail.

Peggy Huerstel
Forest Lake

Wisdom from the past

Perhaps one of the most radical sentences ever written was penned by Thomas Jefferson: “Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” Whatever their intentions, Mayor Winnick and Councilmen Freer and Eigner did not have the consent of the governed in their failed effort to eliminate the Forest Lake Police Department. The thousands of signed petitions and hundreds of protesters should have clued them in. That they persisted despite the evidence suggests their faith in the wisdom of the people of Forest Lake is lacking. Jefferson has an answer for that, too. “[It is] by their votes the people exercise their sovereignty.”

Gene and Mary Janicke
Forest Lake