Wyoming looks at accounting methods

Amy Doeun
Wyoming Reporter

The Wyoming City Council voted May 16 to approve a change of staff.

When Tina Meyer left the city, the council had the option of finding a financial comptroller to replace her or going with another solution. The city has now decided that it will hire an accounting clerk who will be responsible for various day-to-day accounting duties but who will not need as many qualifications as a full comptroller position requires.

The council then agreed to sign a three-year agreement with accounting firm Abdo Eick and Meyers, which will provide monthly and quarterly financial reviews as well as meet budgeting and auditing needs. According to City Administrator Robb Linwood, there is some flexibility in the agreement.

“If we feel the person (we hire) can handle it in house, we can get out of the contract,” he said.

Councilman Joe Zerwas asked if there was a penalty for getting out of the contract early. Linwood replied that there was no penalty.

“Staff has done an extensive search to find if there were other firms that could do this, and there were none,” Mayor Lisa Iverson said.

“There are many companies that provide auditing services but this is the only firm that provides this scope of service,” Linwood replied.


The council held a work session May 6 to conduct a road tour that would be a survey of roads in need of repair. The purpose of the meeting was to identify and discuss roads that could be targeted for reconstruction or more minor work.

Iverson, Zerwas, Councilman Don Waller and Councilwoman Claire Luger attended the tour. The council discussed the tour at its May 16 meeting.

Zerwas said the list of roads that need to be completely reconstructed is long.

Iverson thanked bus company Maranatha “for making it economical feasible for us to tour together in one vehicle.”