Caltronics donation aims to build student interest

Community Editor
Cal and Cindy Houdek of Caltronics donated printed circuit boards to Rick Arvidson’s electronics class at Forest Lake High School. Pictured are Houdek and Arvidson with the students in the background.

With a plan to build a relationship with local schools to help the students understand that manufacturing encompasses many different jobs, Caltronics Design and Assembly, Inc. designed and built a printed circuit board to donate to the high school electronics class.

Caltronics is a contract manufacturer of electronic components based in Stacy. Cal and Cindy Houdek are the owners and started the company in 1995. The idea for the circuit board to donation to Rick Arvidsons electronics class came about when Caltronics production manager Ron Hammer got the idea to talk to schools in the area to let them know the company is looking for future employees. Cal Houdek called Arvidson to find out what teaching tools he used in his class. He learned that Arvidson was buying kits online. Cal, a degreed engineer, felt he could come up with a new design to help the kids get a better understanding of the way electronics work. Cal and Cindy dropped off the kits to Mr. Arvidson’s class on April 25 and spoke to the class about the engineering and manufacturing Caltronics does each day.