Open Forum for June 8, 2017

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Don’t forget it

Our State Representative Bob Dettmer voted yes on on this year’s Legacy Omnibus bill, HF 707, which included terrible provisions which would hurt our environment and outdoor sports opportunities.

He voted not to follow the recommendations of the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council, which is charged with reviewing and vetting wildlife habitat projects for maximum conservation benefit, by cutting the council’s recommended habitat acquisitions for Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, and the Minnesota DNR by more than $6 million. He voted for a “no net gain” policy so that any future Legacy-funded state land acquisitions to protect wildlife habitat would require the sale of an equivalent amount of state owned land within the same county. He voted to raid $22 million from the Clean Water Fund to be used to pay for administrative costs of Soil and Water Conservation Districts across the state. The previous legislature decided that these administrative costs would be paid using state general funds to successfully implement the new buffer law.

He voted not to follow recommendations of the Clean Water Council, which is appointed to make recommendations for expenditures from the Clean Water Fund, by cutting millions from Surface and Drinking Water Protection & Restoration Grants, Targeted Wellhead & Drinking Water Protection, and the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program while reducing Source Water Protection funding for safe drinking water.

Representative Dettmer votes against our cherished Minnesota waters, outdoor recreation, and our children’s healthy future. Remember this in 2018!

Martin Steitz
Forest Lake

Political realities

I am astounded at the manufactured scandals by liberal politicians and mainstream media regarding President Trump. The man and his impressive team just returned from tremendously successful accomplishments in the Middle and Near East, some of great historical significance. His recruiting of factions to concentrate on defeat of jihadism potentially compares to the gathering of allies in World War II.

Poo-poohing all that, political enemies fixate on his many personal flaws and make mountains out of molehills in matters of relatively minor significance, engaging in ankle-biting and nit-picking. One “comedian” even held up a caricature of President Trump’s severed head. How can so many influential persons be so lacking in proportion? It does not speak well of the quality of education in our institutions of higher (?) learning. But that’s a whole ‘nother issue.

Richard Doyle