Columbus discusses senior center renovations

Julie Parent
Columbus Reporter

The Columbus City Council discussed proposed senior center renovations during its May 24 meeting. The council originally received an estimate to do all of the cleaning and repairs the senior citizens requested for $14,149. The council asked for a second estimate, which was $5,171, to do some of the cleaning and repairs that were on the original list. The amount was still too high to do everything on the list. The seniors did not think their expectations to complete the work were unreasonable. However, the city cannot legally spend more for senior center expenses than the $3,600 of rent money it collects in one year. Mayor Dave Povolny suggested the seniors sign a two-year lease for $7,200. Then, the cleaning and repairs estimated at $5,171 could be completed. The people representing the senior center at the meeting agreed.

USAgain is a for-profit company that collects unwanted items and resells them in an effort to keep the items out of landfills. The city discussed whether or not to get a US Again recycling bin. The city would receive $50 for signing up plus $20 each month for having the bin on the City Hall grounds. The council felt that most people donate their unwanted items to local thrift stores. They did not want the bin to become a place where people would dump garbage, so they decided against retaining a bin.

Resident Ed Hughes asked the council about ditch problems in the city during the public open forum. After heavy rainfall, he said many of the ditches were filled with stagnant water. The council explained that the city is responsible to clean out and replace ditch culverts for proper drainage. However, officials said, they cannot touch some of the ditches because they are in wetlands.